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USPS Informed Delivery in Brushton, New York

USPS offices near Brushton city, New York


1249 Washington St, 12916 (0.13 mi.)


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816 State Route 11, 12957 (3.38 mi.)


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North Bangor

2449 State Route 11, 12966 (8.89 mi.)


Office details


1794 State Route 95, 12914 (12.75 mi.)


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North Lawrence

1971 State Highway 11c, 12967 (13.26 mi.)


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Dickinson Center

7 Church St, 12930 (13.27 mi.)


Office details

Saint Regis Falls

25 N Main St, 12980 (17.48 mi.)


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Fort Covington

15 S Water St, 12937 (17.65 mi.)


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Other services in Brushton, New York:

Informed Delivery in Brushton

The USPS Informed Delivery Service allows customers to check the current status of their incoming letter/package before arrival.

To access this service, all you have to do is to sign up to the website, and after confirming your identity, you can access the information.

All the customers in the States are allowed to access this online platform to truck their incoming packages.

This service is for free to all users and it can be checked as many times as needed, the time required for its activation can be between 2 and 3 business days, and the location of your package will be displayed automatically and updated with the latest information as is travelling to your home address.

If you have any problem with the Identification process, please visit the USPS website and find the information on how to proceed with the verification and what to do and where to go in the case that you need to present an ID personally using an “Identity Verification Service” location.

The USPS Service “Informed Delivery”, will be updated daily automatically, so you are informed all the time, and you know exactly when your package will arrive to you.

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