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USPS Locations in Homer, Alaska

USPS offices near Homer city, Alaska


3658 Heath St, 99603 (1.09 mi.)


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Anchor Point

33790 Sterling Hwy, 99556 (22.32 mi.)


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251 Main St, 99663 (24.53 mi.)


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15700 Kingsley Rd, 99639 (45.15 mi.)


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Clam Gulch

65790 Sterling Hwy, 99568 (65.44 mi.)


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23758 Kalifornsky Beach Rd, 99610 (77.58 mi.)


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175 N Binkley St, 99669 (97.94 mi.)


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140 Bidarka St, 99611 (103.14 mi.)


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USPS Locations in Homer

There are many offices near you to assist you with your mail and shipping packages.

On the USPS website you can find an Office Locator by zip codes, and search the office nearest you.

Depending on the service you want to hire, there are also Self Service Kiosks where you can manage your shipping letters or packages after the Post offices are closed. (Usually these Self Service Kiosks can be found inside large shopping malls).

For more information about this, please go to the USPS official Website.

The USPS counts with hundreds of offices located around all the States to assist you.

Using the website tool Office Locator, you can find a Post Office near your home or office.

All you have to do is sign up to the USPS website, introduce your zip code and select the product you need, a list of offices will be displayed and you will be able to choose the one more convenient to you.

USPS has the best Service for you or your work, just contact USPS to have your letters delivered.

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